sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

congresso mundial sobre educação de crianças e jovens com necessidades educativas especiais: Embracing Inclusive Approaches, que decorrerá em Braga entre 14-07-2014 e quinta-feira, 17-07-2014

Transition from school to adult life (TVA) is a decisive stage in the existential structure of people. In this period of adolescence that promote learning strategies and training in educational communities so that every young person can organize your ideas, your dreams, your architect adult identity and have personal autonomy and independence in their future. As has been forwarded in the literature, access and employment support and training will always be the foundation of a possible job / occupation and is the promotion of equal opportunities for inclusion of adults with disabilities and / or disabilities in society. Our communication proposes to address the key steps and strategies TVA pupils with SEN. In this sense, we propose to provide educational information, experiences arising from our empirical research carried out in fulfillment of our PhD thesis.

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Universidade do Minho
CONCURRENT SESSION 6 - Wednesday, 16 July 3:30 (15:30) – 5:00 (17:00)  / Room 214

Ver programa completo. Figuro nas páginas 72 e 73.

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